The Essene Humane Gospel of Yashaya Christ part 5

The Essene Humane Gospel of Yashaya Christ
Part 5

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What Is Truth?

And Yashaya continued to appear unto his disciples on various occasions, and did teach them many truths . . . And at one time, when the Holy Twelve were gathered in discussion, a question arose, "What is truth?" For the disciples reasoned together, that the same things appear different to various minds, and different even to the same mind at different times.
Thomas asked then: "What is truth, that we may know for a certainty?" And while the disciples were yet talking, Yashaya did appear in their midst and spake unto them saying:
"Truth, being one and absolute, is in God alone, for no man, nor any nation of men, knoweth that which God alone knoweth, Who is the All-in-All. Yea, not even the Holy Angels in all their glory know the All-Truth, but God alone! Thus, I say unto ye, to men is Truth revealed, but only according to their capacity to understand and receive.
"Yea, I tell ye, the One Truth hath many sides, and one seeth one side only, and another, another side, and yet still, some see more than others, even according as it is revealed unto them."
And then Yashaya displayed a shiny crystal, and said: "Look here, and behold this crystal: see how the one light is manifest in twelve faces, yea, even four times twelve, and yet each face reflecteth one ray of light, and one regardeth the one face, and another, another; but know ye, it is the one crystal, and the one light that shineth in all . . . So it is with the One Truth.
"I am the Truth and the Way and the Life, and have given to you the Truth I have received from above. Aside from this Truth, no truth exists, this being the All-Truth of God. Therefore, I tell ye, that which is seen and received by one, is not seen and received by another, just as that which appeareth true to some, seemeth not true to others.
"Yea, they who are in the valley below, see not as they who are on the hilltop above. But to each, it is the Truth as the one mind seeth it for that time, till a higher Truth shall be revealed unto the same; and to the soul which rejoiceth in higher light, brighter light shall be given.
"Wherefore, I tell ye, condemn not others, who see not the light as you see, but be patient with them, that ye not be condemned. For I tell ye truly, as ye keep the holy law of Love, which I have given unto you, so shall the Truth be revealed more and more unto you, and the Spirit of Truth which cometh from above shall guide you, albeit through many wanderings unto all Truth, even as the fiery cloud guided the children of Israel through the wilderness.
"Be ye faithful to the light ye have, then, till a higher and more glorious light is given you. Ever seek ye more light, and ye shall have abundantly; rest not, till ye find the All-Truth, wherein all joy and peace awaits thee.
"Know ye that God giveth you All-Truth, as a ladder with many steps, for the salvation and perfection of the soul, and the truth that satisfies today, ye will surely abandon for the higher truth of the morrow. For ye shall be called my children of light, even sons and daughters of the Eternal Light. Yea, my dear children, press ye unto Perfection, and be ye complete in all things holy and pure. For I say unto ye, whoso keepeth the holy law which I have given, the same shall save their souls, however differently they may see the truths which I have given, for in time they shall know the All-Truth, if they truly are my disciples.
"Thus seek after the All-Truth with humble heart and sincerity of spirit, and the light of the lamp will wax brighter and brighter, ever illuminating thy minds with understanding. Seek ye the All-Truth with love and devotion of spirit and mine angels shall watch over thy souls and lead thee unto eternal salvation.
"Know ye, the holy angels of God cleave unto you when ye seek the All-Truth, but forsake the All-Truth and mine angels minister not unto ye, but wicked angels come unto ye with every vain deception and lie, and where be the angels of Satan, mine angels tread not.
"Thus, I say unto ye, that many shall say unto me, 'Lord, Lord, we have been zealous for thy Truth, reward us! Reward us!' But I shall say unto them, 'Nay, nay, for ye teach the truth only as ye see, and none other truth beside! Have not I said unto ye, Faith without works of charity and mercy are dead, Love is the fulfillment of the law!"'

Seek the All-Truth Only. Be Not Satisfied With Doctrines of Men-One-sided Truth

"Yea, how shall faith in what they receive profit them that work in unrighteousness, and without mercy and love? Lest they honor my holy law and keepeth my commandments, they seek not after the All-Truth, but are satisfied in their hearts with truth as they see it.
"Truly, I say unto ye, there is no light in darkness, nor truth in the lie. Whatever things agree not with my laws, originate in darkness and cometh not from the source of light that sees all things and knows all things. Thus they who have the All-Love have all things, for without love there is no worthy work in man nor angel.
"Yea, let each hold what he sees to be truth in humane love, knowing that where such love is not, truth is but a dead letter and profiteth nothing. Lo, there abide Goodness, and Truth, and Beauty, but I tell ye truly, the greatest of these is humane goodness, for a man of humane nature careth for the souls of all and looketh not after his own reward, but rewardeth all the creatures of God.
"For, if any hateth their own fellows, how be it they seek the All-Truth, or how be it that they ever see the All-Truth? Doth a man carry a broken vessel to the well to fetch water? Such are as broken cisterns that hold not the waters of truth, for they themselves are dry wells unable to contain the living waters of life.
"And if any harden their hearts to the innocent creatures of God's hands, yea, our lesser brothers and sisters, even from the weakest to the strongest, how be it they see Truth unto salvation, seeing their eyes are blind, and their hearts hardened to the great Household of God? Yea, such are they who seek not the All-Truth for they want it not, nor do such men imagine any others seeking after it.
"Truly, I say unto ye, these are the blind guides that leadeth many astray, for if the blind leadeth the blind, both fall into pits of darkness and see not the light coming from above. Take heed in the age to come, great shall be the. blind guides who careth not for the sheep and who speak the lie for truth, for in that age to come truth will be likened unto fine pearls hidden among lost treasures, buried deep in the bowels of the earth."

Truth the Mightiness of God

"But I say unto ye, Truth is the Mightiness of God, and has no equal, and it shall prevail without fail in the end, and win over all error and every ignorance. Yea, Truth shall be made manifest and the sheep shall know the All-Truth of God, for there is no thing mightier than truth, and neither man nor angel has power enough to suppress the All-Truth.
"Thus, I say unto ye, even as I have received this Truth, so have I given it unto you to understand and receive. Let each one receive it according to his light and ability, and persecute not those who receive it after a different interpretation.
"Be patient and give unto them the light I have given unto you, for few among men shall fully understand the All-Truth of God. But this thing remember ye, one and all, the Holy Law which I have given unto you, is plain for all to understand, for it is just and good, and it alone shall guide you unto the light.
"Let all observe this Holy Law for the salvation of their souls, for the law is sufficient unto you all and a lamp unto thy feet. For the keeping of the Holy Law means eternal life, and those who keep it shall be called the eternal children of light. Be ye not then as those who think they know the All-Truth but know not, but be constant in thy seeking and every door shall be opened unto you, for only the All-Truth sets free from bondage to ignorance and sin. Yea, be ye humane and the All-Truth shall fill thy souls with light tenfold brighter than the morning sun, for love fulfills the law and perfects the children of God . . ."

The Order of God's Kingdom

And then Yashaya spake on the Order of God's Kingdom and at the request of Mary Magdalene, who asked: "Master, do declare unto us the Order of God's Kingdom."
And Yashaya answered her question with much knowledge un-known to man before that time . . . Yashaya said unto them: "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. But I tell each of ye, the time cometh when that which is within shall be made manifest in the without, for the salvation of the world. For as ye know, Order is good, and needful, but before all things is humane love.
"For if ye love one another and all the creatures of God, by this shall all men know that ye are my true disciples and ambassadors of the kingdom order . . ."
And another disciple asked, "Righteous Teacher, tell us please how shall the infants be received into the congregation according to kingdom order? For Moses commanded circumcision of the flesh, even as the Jews do accept."
And Yashaya answered them and said: "At what time ever did the True God of Heaven and Earth command such mutilation of the flesh? Moses commanded circumcision of the heart, but those of evil heart commanded circumcision of the flesh after the pagans who keep not my law, nor know the True God of Love.
"For I say unto ye, since time immemorial for all those who are in Christ, the true vine, there is no cutting of the flesh, nor shedding of blood! Know ye, the custom of mutilation brings forth sensual lust and desire of illicit pleasures which set the heart afire and every manner of evil is begotten.
"Yea, those who practice such for self-gratification and the misuse of natural sex for procreation are accursed as the demons who invented this evil thing. Be ye not among them who practice such evil in the name of good, for no good thing cometh from hot passions aflame with fire for unlawful intercourse. Such ones have become lower in nature than the devils who forsook the Holy Law for self-destruction.
"Whatsoever cometh forth from woman is complete and needeth nothing of man, but will come forth in life either to good or to evil, according to the root and disposition. Alter not the laws of nature, lest ye corrupt thyselves and suffer many errors.
"For the Christ commands only this, even as Moses so commandeth--that every infant of eight days be presented to the Father-Mother, who is in Heaven, with prayer and thanksgiving. And let a name be given to it by its parents, and let the holy man sprinkle pure water upon it, even according to that which is written in the Prophets.
"And let its parents see to it that the child is raised up in the way of righteousness, neither eating flesh, nor drinking strong drink, nor harming the creatures which God hath given in the hands of man to protect and cherish.
"And after seven years or when they begin to know the evil from the good, and learn to choose the good, let them come unto me and receive the blessing at the hands of a holy one of the church or from an angel of God . . . .
"Yea, with prayer and thanksgiving, and let them be admonished to keep from flesh-eating and strong drink always, and from hunting the innocent creatures of God, for shall they be lower than the horse or the sheep, who hunt not, and to whom such things are against their nature?
"Know ye the humane teachings of the Holy Law fulfill the law of love! Raise ye up a child in the law then, for only the law maketh a true man of God."
And the disciple again asked Yashaya: "If there come to us any that eat flesh and drink strong drink, shall we receive them into the congregation?"
And Yashaya said unto them: "According to the Order of the Kingdom, let such abide in the outer court till they cleanse themselves from their gross evils; for until they understand their own evils, and repent of these, they are not fit to receive the higher mysteries of the Kingdom.
"Teach ye them the humane love of the Holy Law, and if they receive it well, you have won over a brother or sister in the Lord. Be ye patient always, but also be ye cautious. Cast not the fine pearls before evil men who repent not and appreciate not the beauty of the good life."
And then another disciple asked Yashaya: "Tell us, Master according to the Kingdom Order, when wilt thou that they receive Baptism?"
And Yashaya answered unto him: "And yet another seven years, or when they understand the truth of the Holy Law and do only that which is good, and are firmly set in the holy way to life and health. Then let them ask for initiation and ask the holy man of God or the angel of God to examine them and see if they are worthy, and let him offer thanksgiving and prayer.
"And bury them in the waters of separation, even as I myself while in the flesh was buried in the waters of the Jordan by John. For only in this manner, they may use to newness of life, the confessing of God as their Father and Mother, and vowing to obey the Holy Law, and keep themselves separate from the evil in the world. For I tell ye, truly, there exists no evil in the world of nature, except that evil which originates in the evil hearts of men who allow themselves to be tempted of the devil."
And still another disciple asked Yashaya: "Master, also tell us at what time shall they receive the anointing?"
And Yashaya answered: "Only when they have reached the age of spiritual maturity, and have manifested in themselves the sevenfold gifts of the Spirit. Then ask the holy angel to offer prayer and thanksgiving and seal them with the holy seal of the Chrism.
"And I tell ye, It is good that all be tried in each degree seven years, but nevertheless let it be unto each according to their spiritual growth in the love, and the knowledge of God."
And then another disciple asked concerning proper holy marriage . . . And Yashaya answered saying: "I give to ye according to the Holy Law, even of old time, a more perfect way than the marriages of the nations that keep not the law of the True God. Behold, whereby marriage should be between one man and one woman, who by perfect love and sympathy are united as one, and that while love and life do last, howbeit in perfect freedom. But know ye this first, that they have perfect spiritual and physical health, and that they truly love each other in all purity after the law and not for worldly advantage.
"And know also such ones must not bear children, lest first they keepeth the holy law to cherish the creatures of the great Household of God, for if they care not for the lesser of my creatures, they are not fit to bear sons and daughters of man. Therefore if they bear children, let them do so with full discernment and prudence according to their ability to maintain a family, for such is good and holy in the eyes of God.
"But if they choose not to bear children, then let them remain chaste and pure and not defile their flesh with hot passions like burning fire as the lawless nations do. For the chaste life is pure and holy and is blessed among mankind.
"Yea, for the nations enter into marriage to satisfy sexual appetite, for they lust after what God has pronounced sacred and pure, in an evil manner according to their fleshly passions and desires. And much life is poured onto the ground in sacrifice to Satan. Be ye not as these sons and daughters of darkness, lest ye also corrupt thy spiritual temple within ye, for truly I tell ye, whosoever spilleth the precious fluids of life in waste, for sake of lust and illicit pleasure, killeth his own soul and that of his sister and brother.
"For behold, the animals who were placed below the godship of man lust not after illicit pleasure contrary to their nature, but procreate in season only to fill the earth. So be it with man, that he look to the animals and learn the laws of God and reminders of nature, for all things were made after the goodness of God.
"And no good thing exists outside the order or unity of the kingdom of nature, for any thing that worketh on its own outside the order of nature is evil and not of God. Nevertheless, I say to those who would be perfect and to whom it is given, let them be as the angels of God in Heaven, who neither marry nor are given in marriage, nor bear children, nor worry about the cares for the morrow; but are free from all bonds, even as I am free now. For such are the ones that keep and store up the power of God within, for their ministry, and for the works of healing only . . . ."
And Yashaya continued to answer many more questions of his disciples on the Order of the Kingdom . . . And on the communal way of life as practiced by the holy Essenes from time immemorial, Yashaya did instruct them also, saying: "When my disciples are gathered in my name, let them choose from among themselves true and faithful men and women, who shall be ministers and counselors in the material needs of the commune. Yea, let them provide for the necessities of the poor and of the aged, also the widows and the orphans, and those sick and disabled.
"Yea, whosoever needeth the love of the Household of God, let them be so gathered among the communities of the Brotherhood, for such a way is ordained of God. Let these faithful ones look to the ordering of all the needs of the community and also assist at the Oblation, for such are they who will shepherd the flock of God with love and mercy.
"And be ye as the innocent creatures of God and seek ye the beauty of the countryside and live not in crowded cities wherein every evil deed worketh against the true nature of life. But be ye close to the angels of the earthly mother and rejoice in the seven-fold peace and the communions of thy Father-Mother in heaven and the All-Peace shall come upon ye, for the angels of the Father will strive along with ye and continue to instruct ye in the true peace of eternal life."

Some to Have Spiritual Gifts of Guidance,
Prophecy, Teaching, Healing

And Yashaya continued to tell his disciples, men and women, the Order of the Kingdom. And he said unto them: "For among the faithful ones chosen, some will have spiritual gifts of guidance, some of prophecy, and of preaching and teaching and also healing....The most worthy shall always preside over the all and he shall be your Angel.
"Yea, even as ye see the working of the brotherhood this day, so ye shall keep the same order for as long as ye remain in the holy way of life.
"For truly I tell ye, if ye remain faithful in all things, hunger and thirst of body nor heat and cold of day or night shall claim ye never, nor shall ye cometh to disappointment on my account, but find eternal peace and joy for thy souls.
"Remember to love ye one another and remain in the one fold, and live ye not alone in the city with unbelievers and evil men, but live ye all together in purity of body, of mind, and of heart among your true sisters and brothers, even as they live in the All-Truth this day.
"For ye are the sheep of God that seeketh the security of the fine Shepherd. Be ye not mingled with wolves that scatter the flock and do injury to the innocent. Yea, flee the cities, and be ye ever concealed from evil men among the forests and mountains of the land, wherein ye shall dwell in safety and be not afraid nor ever be in want.
"For every manner of evil men dwelleth in the cities of buyers and sellers. Be ye not among such men, but keep free from the merchants who maketh a god of riches and work great harm against the innocent creatures of God. Keep ye my words, and ye shall lack nothing, nor shall thy hearts feel anxiety or thy bodies sickness, but all shall go well, with whosoever keepeth my laws and commandments.
"For as I send forth Apostles and Prophets, so also I send Evangelists and Pastors, the eight and forty pillars of the tabernacle, that by the ministry of the four, I may build up and perfect my Church, for they shall serve as a holy congregation of saints.
"And to them shall the scattered congregations refer in all spiritual matters . . . And as the light becometh brighter, so shall they rule and guide and edify and teach in my holy Church....And forget not with your prayers and supplication, intercession and giving of thanks, to offer the incense, as it is written in the last of your prophets, saying: From the rising of the sun unto the setting of the same, incense shall be offered unto my Name in all places with a Pure Oblation, for My Name shall be great among all the nations.
"For verily I say unto you, incense is the memorial of the intercession of the saints within the veil, with words that cannot be uttered until the time is fulfilled. And know ye always, the Pure Oblation which God loveth in secret is a pure heart that obeyeth the Holy Law.
"Keep ye therefore the Holy Law sacred and undefiled, and all truth shall be added unto you, for my law is the guiding light in a world of gross darkness. Yea, if ye seek first the kingdom of righteousness, all other things shall be given unto you. But I tell ye, in all things seek ye simplicity, and give not occasion to vain glory. Yea, seek ye first to be clothed with charity, for charity maketh for a humane heart and a good soul, as sweet as the blossoms of Springtime. Seek ye these things first, and then shall be added unto you the garment of salvation and the robe of righteousness.

Man Profits No Thing without Such Qualities

"For truly, I say unto ye, what doth it profit if ye have not these? Yea, as the sound of brass and tinkling of cymbal are ye, if ye have not true love among yourselves and for the innocent creatures of God. Seek ye then all righteousness and love and the All-Peace, and every fruit of the Spirit that the Law giveth unto you, and all things of beauty shall be added to you, and truly ye shall know the True Eternal God, and God knoweth you.
"Know ye that I am the Way, the Life and the Hope of all mankind. Any man whoso trusteth in me shall never see death but shall live again, for I am the Resurrection of All Life. Trust in my words and gain ye the salvation of your soul." And Yashaya continued to answer many other questions of his disciples, and pondered their every need, and spake to them many mysteries of God.

Keep the Sabbath As the Memorial of Yashaya's Laws

And the disciples did listen to Yashaya's words and were amazed at the wisdom he spake. And one of them asked Yashaya of the Sabbath Day. And Yashaya answered them saying:
"When my disciples are come together on the Holy Sabbath at even, or in the morn of the first day of the holy week, let them each bring according to their worth, an offering of a tithe, or the tithe of a tithe of their increase, even as God doth prosper them, and let them put it in the treasury, for the upkeep of the commune and church, and all the works thereof.
"Remember ye not to hold back good from the household of God, lest ye fall into evil ways, whereby greed and selfishness are as sister and brother. Know ye that such originate with the evil one, who careth not for man, nor for the angels nor for God. For I say unto you, it is more blessed to give than to receive-for if ye give of material possessions to the Godly poor, God shall reward ye tenfold, the spiritual blessing from above.
"So shall all things be done decently and in order among the sisters and brothers of the communes and congregations of the righteous. For the rest will the Spirit set in order who proceedeth from the Father-Mother in heaven. Know ye, then, all things must be accomplished to the Kingdom Order, if ye be saints of the Lord.
"Keep ye the Sabbath Day a Memorial unto my Holy Laws and remember ye the words of Enoch my prophet, who doth receive the laws of the stars by Uriel. Keep ye these laws perfect, lest ye err in thy holy calendar, for the nations know not my laws and the ways of the heavenly bodies.
"For from time immemorial hath the laws of heaven ruled over thy earth and its days and its nights. Be ye faithful to Uriel, my timekeeper of all eternity. Know ye the Sabbath and its true meaning, that ye be perfect sons of God, lest ye corrupt thy ways and thy customs and follow the lawless who trust in folly and hearsay.
"Yea, the great timepieces of heaven err not. Study my heavens that ye may perfect thy ways, and be ye ready for my return. Thus I have given unto ye the sign of the fish, that ye among the nations may know of me and the manner in which I come unto you. If ye believe Jonah, ye shall believe me. If ye believe me, ye shall know the sign and the times. Search ye the heavens, even as thy forefathers, who watched for my birth. Count ye the Jubilees, and my Sabbaths, and ye shall deliver yourselves unto All-Truth."

Life Is Sacred and Pleasurable,
Rejoice in the Joy of Life

"Know ye, my brothers and sisters, that life is sacred and holy, and all pleasure cometh forth from life itself, for all living things. Small and great rejoiceth in living for the joy of life. Be ye cautious, then, that ye be of good pleasure and great joy. But be not excessive in thy ways, in that all pleasure taketh away the real joy set before thy face, for no greater joy or pleasure can be, than to know the humane love and compassion of thy sisters' and brothers' needs.
"Thus, do service unto them all, and to every member of the great household of life, for every creature rejoiceth in his master and keeper. Yea, behold this animal before my face. Lest I feed it and cherish it, it loveth me not, but if thou doth feed and protect the beasts of the earth, then great rejoicing taketh place in the heart of every beast.
"Thus I say unto ye, such maketh the face of God Shine forth, when the sons of man seek humane love and compassion. For all happiness cometh forth because of love, and no happiness exists where love is not.
"Rejoice in life, I tell ye, but also allow ye the creatures of God to rejoice, in that they remain not strangers unto you, but friends in need even as thy poor.
"And know ye after the Order of the Kingdom, ye must bring forth from the earth surplus foods, that these innocent creatures of God be nourished, lest ye forsake the angels of the Earthly Mother, and the land be accursed on thy account.
"For no living thing, small or great, must hunger or thirst under thy care, but all be satisfied, lest the law of love be unfulfilled. Yea, as little children, these innocent creatures sow not, nor reap, but are one with man in the great household of life, and looketh to man only, for mercy and compassion.
"Be ye ever kind to the least of these my children, and mine holy angels shall bless thy lands with abundant produce, and all shall be satisfied and want not. For I say unto you, if a man giveth unto the poor the excess of his garden, but holds back from the creatures of God, all shall turn to poison.
"For of what value is kindness to one but not to another? Yea, of what value or worth is feeding the poor while the creatures of God suffer greatly? Therefore I say unto ye, plant ye abundant seed, that all may eat, and none suffer wrong, for the earth holds back not her yield, but giveth forth her all under mine angels who serveth in mercy and love towards all. Thus ye shall learn the ways of my Sabbath and all secrets shall be added unto you, if ye love one another and the creatures of God."

The Disciples, the Light of the World

And after ninety days of teaching the disciples and revealing unto them many truths of the Kingdom Order, . . . Yashaya led forth the Holy Twelve with Mary Magdalene, and Joseph his father, and Mary his mother, and other holy women to a mountain named Olivet, where he had appointed them . . .
And Yashaya spake unto them, saying, "Behold, I have chosen you from among men, and have given you the Holy Law and Word of Truth. Yea, I have set you as the Light of the world, as a city that cannot be hid. But verily, I tell ye, the time cometh when spiritual darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people, and the enemies of truth and righteousness shall rule in my Name, as a mockery of truth, and they shall set up a kingdom of this world, and oppress many people.
"And thus shall they cause the enemy to blaspheme truth, by replacing my doctrines with the opinions of evil men. Yea, thus shall they teach in my Name that which I have not taught, and they shall darken much truth that I have taught, by their worthless traditions and lies!
"Many shall say, look ye here, and look ye over there, but truth shall not be found in them. But sadden not, and take courage, for the appointed time will also come when the truth they have hidden and suppressed shall be manifested, and the light shall shine, and the darkness shall pass away, and the true kingdom of righteousness shall be established in the world, and all false prophets shall be exposed and put to shame.
"For by their own ignorance and deceptive measures shall they be self-exposed as liars and frauds, speaking untruths in my Name, in which I spake not unto you.
"For I say unto ye, evil destroys evil and thus shall the tongues of evil men speak no more, for by their own evil works shall they be consumed and forgotten. For whosoever speaketh a lie in my Name, by such Satan shall judge and condemn.
"Yea, I have instructed you now in the first principles, and lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the age . . . And now I go to my Parent and your Parent, My God and your God . . . But after seven days ye shall receive power from on high . . . The Holy Spirit shall be fulfilled unto you, and ye shall go forth from Jerusalem, unto all of Israel, and to the uttermost parts of the earth to establish the humane love of the Holy Law that I so freely have given unto you.
"Thus hath the sons of men received me in the flesh and in the spirit, in that all things were accomplished and fulfilled-for in the age to come, ye shall all know the truths and mysteries of God and my Church. But now, I depart from ye, with words of comfort, knowing the Holy Spirit of Wisdom shall watch over ye and thy works forevermore.
"Be ye all of great courage and good cheer, and so conquer the world of evil even as I so conquered. For I say unto ye, the holy law is mighty and no evil is stronger than humane love. Love ye one another and the world shall know ye are my true disciples. Yea, love conquers every evil and man has the power to work good or evil. Demonstrate ye, the true love of God that all may know the True God of Love, for the world is without love but hath only violence and greed. Work ye charity in all things, that all the sheep may come to know truth and love. Be ye perfect shepherds, and the All Truth shall follow ye everywhere.
"For I say unto ye, ye shall see me again in the age to come, and before, but know ye that terrible things shall first take place, for the world will progress in evil, for evil begets evil, and lawlessness, the ungodly and unbelievers.
"For many are the happenings that shall come to pass, for in that age and before, men shall set up the kingdom of the lawless, and my Holy Laws will not be spoken nor come to mind, and great cruelties shall they work against the Earthly Mother and her innocent creatures, and great signs shall be manifest in the heavens and on the earth. Know ye then, the prophets are true, for all things shall come to pass even as they spoke according to my word I commanded unto them.
"But be ye not afraid or terrified, for mine elect shall pass through the commotion of the wicked without hurt or scar, for I am with ye alway, and in no way or manner shall ye come to disappointment or failure. May the All-Peace of the earthly angels be with ye, and may the All-Love and Mercy of God be a part of ye. I give ye my peace always peace be with ye, my dear brothers and sisters."
And having said these things unto his disciples, Yashaya lifted up his pure and holy hands and blessed his disciples and said unto them: "Remember ye always my words, and keep the Holy Law sacred before all men as testimony of righteousness unto them. Again, I say unto ye, Peace be unto you, my dearly beloved brothers and sisters of the Great Household of God."
And it came to pass that while Yashaya blessed them, he was parted from them, and a cloud as the sun in brightness, received him out of sight....
And while the disciples yet gazed steadfastly into heaven, behold two stood by them in pure white apparel, and said: "Why stand ye gazing into heaven; surely this same Yashaya who is taken from ye in a cloud, shall so come in like manner from within a cloud, and as ye have seen him go into heaven, so shall he come again to the earth at the appointed time of the age . . . ."

Yashaya Ascends to Heaven, at 49 Years of Age

And it was mid-summer when Yashaya ascended into heaven, and he had not yet attained his 50th year, for it was needful that seven times seven years should be fulfilled in his life, even as the Jubilee marketh the age of every time and season-yea, that he might be perfected by the suffering of all human experience, and be an example unto all, to children and those of full age. Yea, and unto all ages and conditions of mortal life, that by the Holy Law, all his sheep might hear his voice and come out of darkness into the light. For great and many were the reasons the Christ came into the world in form of human flesh, that he might deliver many, and set free those in bondage to Satan and thus show forth the Total power of the Eternal All.
And thus did God by great mercy and love demonstrate unto the earth, the glory of His Son in that all men might know good from evil and right from wrong, for in all things did Yashaya prove himself truthful and holy. For never in the history of the world was a man loved by so many races of people. Little children adored him, wise men stood in awe of him, men and women put faith in him, and the creatures of God did recognize him as the humane son of God, the creator and giver of many lives.
Yea, the earth was visited by a God and the people were overjoyed in his great wisdom and speech, for never had any of the prophets acted in such a manner. Truly, this was Yashaya, anointed with the Christ to bear glad tidings of the Holy Law to the poor and broken hearted, to deliver the oppressed and aid the needy, to set free from bonds and chains the prisoners of darkness, to love and cherish even the tiniest of God's creatures to the greatest, to set man the perfect example to follow and obey.
Truly this was the humane Yashaya, man at his very best, man at his perfected spiritual and physical maturity, the true creation and image of God. And the people were sad at his departure and they longed for the age to come when they would see him again and listen to his voice and the good news of his message. But his disciples believed he would return again in the age to come and before, and it came to pass that just as Yashaya had promised his disciples, the Holy Spirit did arrive to guide them in Light.

The Arrival of the Holy Spirit

And as the disciples were gathered together in the upper room, . . . they all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication, and their number was about 120.
And it was that day, James stood up among them and said: "True disciples of the Lord, it is known unto you how the Master, before he left us, chose Peter to preside over us and watch over us in his Name; and how it must needs be that one of those who have been with us and a witness to his resurrection be chosen and appointed to take Peter's place."
And they chose two called Barsabas and Matthias, and they prayed and said, "Thou All God and Lord, Who knowest the hearts of all men, shew which of these two thou hast chosen to take part in this Apostleship, from which thou dost raise thy servant Peter to preside over us."
And they each gave forth their word, and the choice fell upon Matthias, and the Twelve received him, and he was numbered among the Apostles from that day. Then John and James separated Peter from their number by laying on of hands, that he might preside over them in the Name of the Lord, saying, "Brother, be thou as a hewn stone, six-squared. Yea, even thou, Petros, which art Petra, bearing witness to the Truth on every side."
And to the Apostles were given staves, with power of holy angels, to guide their steps in the ways of truth and Kingdom Order; and crowns of glory withal; and to the Prophets, spiritual perception alikened unto burning lamps to shew light on the pathway to all truth and censers with fire; and to Evangelists, the book of the Holy Law to recall the people to the first principles of humane love; and to the Pastors were given the cup and the platter to feed and nourish the flock of their material needs, even all those of the holy communes and congregations of God.
But to none was given aught that was not given to all, for all were one holy priesthood under the Christ as their Master and Great High Priest in the one Temple of God; and to the assistants were given baskets that they might carry therein the things needful for holy worship in spirit and truth.
And the number was about 120, with Peter presiding over them all. And it came to pass when the third day had fully come, they were all with one accord in the one place, and as they prayed, there came a sound from heaven as of a mighty rushing wind, and the room in which they were assembled was shaken, and all were afraid, for they knew not what to expect, but the wind filled the place with the All Calmness of God, and they perceived that the Holy Spirit had arrived even as Yashaya had promised.
And the disciples were uplifted by the Holy Spirit and great wisdom was bestowed upon them and they were able to speak in different languages, even as the Spirit did give unto them utterance to speak.
Thus was the sign given unto them to preach and teach to the meek of the nations, even from whence they came, for in the beginning the holy law was given unto the Adamic race, and the sons of Adam did deliver it up unto their sons and their sons after them, in that every generation of man and every nation was given the holy law, but few were they who obeyed it.

Peter Presides over the Disciples
As the Teacher of Righteousness

And Peter stood up in their midst and preached the Holy Law of Christ unto the multitude of all peoples and tongues who were gathered together by the report of what had been seen and heard of the Holy Spirit of Wisdom.
And each man and woman did hear the law in his own tongue wherein each was born. And the testimony of the holy way of life was great among the people, and of them that listened were gathered into Christ that day, 3000 souls.
Yea, they received the Holy Law, repented of their sins, and were baptized, and did continue steadfast in the Apostles' fellowship.
And they who believed gave up their wealth and possessions and did sell all things and gave the proceeds to the Pastors of the communes, for they held all things in common and abode together in one place, even as Christ had commanded them. For by doing so, they fulfilled the law of love, shewing all kindness and goodness of God unto their brothers and sisters and all the creatures born of innocent nature, thereby working with their hands, an honest work for the commonweal.

Essene Communes, the True Home of Christians

And many were the Essene communes of the followers of the holy way, wherein all lived according to Kingdom Order and in love. For among the communities, it was just as Yashaya had spoken even to their fathers and their forefathers before them, for only there existed no hunger or thirst for spiritual or physical food, and the aged man and the widow were not cast out, and the orphan and the inflicted were welcome.
Yea, the spirit of humane love did prevail over all matters, and the nations outside looked upon these children of light as a special race, holy before God and Angels, a race unto God without sin or complaint.
And no man of the outside spake an evil word against them, for no fault could be found in them, nor could there be found error among their ways, but only oneness of faith and devotion to the humane laws of God and the Kingdom Order.
Thus did they prove themselves examples of Christ in all things and ambassadors of his Kingdom amidst a world of evil desires and corrupt men. They were in the world but were not part of it, even as Yashaya had spoken.
And the holy men of God did go forth as healers among mankind, teaching the cures of nature unto the people. And unto the nations they were known by the name of "Essenes" which means when translated, healers and saviours of the people, for they healed every physical and spiritual ill of any who wanted to become followers of the Essene way of life.
And their fame as such spread over the whole of the earth and every nation came to know of their wisdom and knowledge; but they were humble in spirit and gave all credit and blessing unto God only as the giver of Peace and Joy, health and long life.
Thus did the disciples introduce the holy way of life unto all nations, even as Christ commanded them to teach the meek of the earth.

The Disciples Review Yashaya's Words

And it came to pass after many things were said and done according to the Kingdom Order, the disciples gathered together one even and discussed the sayings of Yashaya, and among the things spoken were these:
Peter talking to the disciples gathered round about him said, "Remember ye, my brothers and sisters of the holy life, our One Master and Teacher said unto us concerning our moods and dispositions, for he with unto us the one time and again: 'Look ye at the innocent creatures of God whenever ye become despondent, and see how they rejoiceth in life, even though they own not one thing, for the heaven is their roof, and the field their bed, but they complain not, neither do they worry or bother for the morrow.
"'Yea, look at their joy and happiness, and yet they gather no foodstuffs or drink, nor are they given to gluttony, but eat only when nature agrees. Thus my innocent creatures of life do teach the sons of men lessons, for the hour and the day.
"'Look therefore and learn, for these creatures are arrayed with the All-Beauty of God and rejoice in life and love and looketh to man as keeper and benefactor. Be thou kind to them, and the Father-Mother shalt shower ye with great blessings, for they are in Him and He in them. Be ye good to them alway and God shall be good to ye alway."'
And the disciples did give ear unto Peter's speech and listened attentively. And Peter continued: "Remember ye also, the words of the Master, when he spake concerning the degrees of truth. Yea, keep ye these things in mind without fail, and no stumbling block shall ever overtake ye, for he saith to us: 'Seek ye the Light with patience and without letup, for God loves those men who seek Him out, and search His laws, and obey them.
"'Yea, know ye, the Light of truth cometh forth brighter with each passing day. For those who knock, the door will be open. And know ye the Light of Truth soon becomes the Light of the All-Truth, according to one's degree of love and understanding. But in all things be ye patient and pray, and the light shall be added unto you. Yea, be ye humane, and the all-truth shall follow you alway, and ye shall be known among the people as my children of light."'
And Peter continued to speak about the sayings of Yashaya and refreshed the memories of the disciples concerning many things. And he said unto them: "Remember ye the Pure Oblation and its meaning, even as Yashaya spake unto us concerning it, for because of truth and spirit in all things, did Yashaya come upon the earth to restore all things to their original root and nature, that all things may be in complete harmony with the All, and that all things may be one in God and never again separate. Know ye the All-Truth cometh from heaven to restore the Kingdom Order and set all things straight, that nations might know that God is one in all things and is in all things.
"And from such do we learn of the mercy and love of the Father-Mother God. Yea, and remember above all else, to love one another and the creatures of God, lest the Light from above reacheth not thy hearts and refreshes not thy souls. For we shall be known among the people only if we shew the perfect love of God unto the sons of man, for it is of no value to be known in darkness but only in the virtues of the holy way of light."
And after many things were said and done for the further establishment of the Kingdom Order, there were heard a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying: "Glory, honour, praise and pure worship be unto God Eternal, the Father, Spouse, and Son: One with the Mother, Bride and Maid: From Whom proceedeth the Eternal Spirit: By Whom are all created things. Yea, from the Ages of Ages, Now: And to the Ages of Ages that cannot be numbered or foreseen. Amen-Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!"
And then did the Holy Twelve together, in unison spake unto the people, these words: "And if any man take from, or add to, the true words of this Holy Gospel, or hide, as under a bushel, the light thereof, which is given by the Spirit through us, the twelve ambassadors, the Chosen of Christ, for the enlightenment of the world unto salvation: Let him be accursed until the coming of Christ Yasha, our Saviour with all the Holy Saints. Amen."